enhancing relationships from the inside out 

creating new interpersonal possibilities


Welcome to a safe space to explore ways to create more meaningful connections. 

As we develop early in life, relationship blueprints are installed without our permission that tell us what to believe about relationships and how to behave to get our needs met. 

The good news is as adults we can choose to learn new ways to relate to ourselves and those around us within the safe microcosm of the therapeutic relationship.


I am here to go on that reflective journey with you to explore places you may otherwise avoid or be unaware exists inside of you that can perpetuate a sense of uncertainty, stress, or loneliness. If this resonates with you, individual or couple therapy can help create new ways of connecting. 

* Photo taken at Butchart Gardens and captures the Sunken Garden, reminding us of the hope that beauty can emerge from dismal places.